Desperate and Selfish

There are some women in abusive relationships who desperately want to leave but have no way out, then there’s a woman in an abusive relationship who has outs she just chooses not to take them, even though she see that’s he’s not just hurting her he’s also hurting the child they share, she cares about her child but it’s almost as if she cares about herself more, allowing the man to come in and out of the child’s life, allowing the child to witness violent acts. The selfish woman who doesn’t want to leave will make up excuses for him like “he’s the father of my child” or “he loves me” they stick around and listen to petty words & empty promises like “I’ll be a better father” & ” I won’t hit you again” and hope for a change but the women desperately trying to flee no there’s no changing or taking the abuse back. And as sad as it is to say, a woman desperately trying to flee would rather be in the selfish woman’s position where there’s an out even if there’s a small one. Just one little crack in the window something to break free. See the selfish woman is isolated but not to the point where she doesn’t have a cellphone and no friends like the desperate woman. The selfish woman may not be able to go out all the time but she still does because she isn’t that controlled. A desperate woman would rather the safety of her children then allow the abuser to continuously come back. Most of all a truly desperate woman doesn’t parade the abuse in her friends faces like the selfish woman does so they feel bad for her, simply because the desperate woman truly has no friends, she’s been isolated for so long all she knows is abuse and protecting her children.

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